Matexis works to educate, consult, implement, inspect and train in the field of anti-corrosion and industrial paint as well as specialist coating materials.

Based in the regions of Languedoc and Lyon, we work both in France and abroad to help meet your requirements and achieve your goals.


Energies - MatexisEnergy Sectors

> Nuclear
> Petrochemical
> Oil and gas
> Hydraulic
> Thermal
> Wind

Transports - MatexisTransport Areas

> Ports
> Airports
> Tunnels
> Sea and river facilities
> Motorways


Engineering Structures

> Bridges
> Viaducts 

Other Structures

> Hangars
> Stadiums
> Handling and lifting materials



Consulting and Expertise

> Audits
> Technical studies, functional specification and requirement-based implementation
> Feasibility studies
> Production optimisation



> General training courses in paint and protective coatings
> Paint application and implementation
> Design and construction layout
> Checks and traceability

True Partner
to Our Customers

We provide our customers with flexible and scalable solutions in line with environmental regulations and requirements.

Our Partners

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